Is this game really always going to be ruined by hackers, or is it because it's alpha and a lot needs doing?

So back when this game weren’t on steam, me and a few friends picked up the game and we loved it. We spent hours every day farming resources and building a base but it got to the point where every day we’d be playing not out of enjoyment anymore, but to reacquire all the stuff we’d just lost to someone using cheats or exploits. We decided to call it a day and moved on to our normal games.

Now the game’s on steam, we checked it out a while ago again and it only minutes in that we were getting shot through walls so it was a shadow of when we used to play, let’s call it a day already.

Now we decided to try it once again and fell in love pretty quick. Me and my mate have clocked over 50 hours in the past week and made some real nice progress, we built a house and upgraded our gear and stocked up. We weren’t happy in the current house because it was poorly built and rushed, so we stocked up and decided we’ll build another one close by. So that day comes and it turns out all of our stuff was missing, there was no sign of entry (no broken walls, all doors were still there) and so we were sad but we’d put a few hours in so we didn’t give up.

I managed get online one day and I spent a good 10 hours farming and putting everything together, I didn’t have a roof yet so I didn’t move in and doubted anyone would build to get in from the roof so I was happy to log out. I logged in the next day and my sleeping body had been killed, they got away with all my kevlar and weapons and ammo. It was a stupid idea to log out without a roof but I checked outside and nobody had built up. The following day a friend told me he seen someone flying or jumping really really high so maybe it was that, who knows?

Anyway, I finished the house in the end and stocked up. I heard a care package coming so we just beelined for it, we had C4 on us because we were ready to go out raiding and were fully equipped with weapons and ammo. We got killed by a cheater and lost the C4, typically headshot by a P250, the usual thing that happens when you go for a care package. The cheater that killed us came to our house a few hours later, the one I spent a good 10 hours on putting together and just C4’d it and built around the doors and took everything we had.

Back to square 1 again, once again, we refuse to give up because we’ve put a lot of hours in and apart from the aim botters, we just need to be careful and store our stuff and pick our moments to carry it. So yesterday and the day I just farmed and farmed and farmed and literally stocked everythign back up in our old house, we had so much stuff we were ready to take on the world if anyone dared to approach us aggressively, we kitted out big time.

So we just start gettiung our supplies out so we can go and build a new house a short distance over the hill, wouldn’t have taken long because we had everything we need. We hear a care package fly over, they drop quite close so we may aswell try out luck. I’m scouting the area with a bolt action to cover my mate and we see nobody, we’re sure this package is ours. We joke about the hacker being online and say this is the part where we just get a swift p250 to the face out of nowhere. Yeah, that really did just happen. We rage quit quietly.

Came back on about 4 ago, farmed a bit got some nice stuff, a hacker shows up so I retreat back to the house, we decide to log out for a bit and give the hacker time to get bored and go away, then we’ll come back and carry on as normal.

So I log in, and what’s that? There’s 2 hackers standing right there in my face in my fully secured building, there’s no way in. All the doors are locked, they each have different pin numbers incase some lucky sod guesses a number. The only reasonable explanation I have is that there’s still an exploit to get through walls. After all, one of the two guys in the building did joke an hour earlier to me that his mate’s a hacker and gets through walls, I thought nothing of it though.

All my shit’s gone. For real this time. Everything. NOTHING is safe anymore, there’s no point in spending hours of farming to build unbreakable building if some happy code kid can just press a button and take everything away from you in a second. Once again, a sad goodbye to the game I love and so dearly wish these hackers would just keep off, this game is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in years.

It’s called the sleeping bag glitch. Anyone can do it and it’s not picked up by VAC or Cheatpunch.

One tip I read about for higher population servers is… dont hoard. Use your resources as you get them, if you are building, use the parts as u are able to not wait til you can make a full house then build. When it comes to ammo / guns / mats you cant use yet I can understand not being able to use them yet but no real reason to hold onto all your wood and planks. Other than that, being on a server heavy with hackers and not leaving after first time you realized what was going on… kind asking for punishment.

I don’t like the idea of going to community hosted servers incase there’s abusive admins that can do what the hell they want and I only want to play on the official servers because there’s nothing changed.

Unfortunately the official servers are completely unmoderated and EAC hasn’t been implemented yet (if it will be at all for the legacy branch) so those servers are, as of right now, a total hackers paradise. Sorry to hear of your misfortune :frowning:

I have 880 hours played here, 95% of them played on modded servers. Trust me, it is the way Rust is meant to be played right now if you want to actually have fun and not worry about hackers.

I found 2 servers with decent and active admins. Problems solved. From those 880 hours played, I had maybe 2 or 3 times issues with hackers, but they were dealt quickly after that.

It is just a matter of finding a good server with active admins. Believe me, they exist.

So what server is it you’re playing on and what made you choose it? I will look around but I want a server that’s as close to untouched as the official as possible. Not where kids get gifted M4’s and C4 without any effort.

I am not even sure if I can say the name of the server on this forum, but you can PM me for more information.

You should be aware that things work different on modded/community servers, though. The only advantage of official servers is that they rarely wipe. On modded and community servers it’s different, though. They wipe very often because once they reach like 50k structures, the server starts to lag and a wipe is forced. Just saying, so you know what you will have to face.

A lot of hacking should be fixed with the new version of the game.

Currently hacking is very easy because so much is clientside, if my computer says I’ve headshot you the server accepts that information even if I was halfway across the map at the time. Same for the glitching through walls and flying etc. On the new version much more will be done server-side, allows the server to run a sanity check on player actions and hacking will become much harder.

Also, EasyAntiCheat will be running as well as VAC, EAC has a good reputation (only a few expensive paid hacks have managed to bypass it) and importantly is much faster at catching hackers, won’t give them weeks to run around before they get banned.

This is a good tip, wich have tecnically already been said here.

Join a modded server with active admin(s). Try to get a good relation with admin(s) and try to build a house nearby them (but ask them first).

If there is any cheater you can tell the admin straight away, if you are trusted and have a good relation with the admin(s) you will probably have a advantage than just being random player who probalby hackusate for being killed legit. If your house is nearby theirs they may even have the chance to witness the hacking wich also is a advantage.

The first i do when joining a server is to ask for the admin(s) and just have a small conversation and asking some about the server and stuff (its also a check if the admin(s) are mature or just mad abusers and if server is appropriate for your gaming style). When you seems to be a nice guy and are being trusted you have a huge advantage to survive. You will also be respected by others who are “affraid” for the admin(s) or have cargoship fully loaded with respect, just because it the admin.

BUT there is also a risk to be friend and neighbour with a admin. Some players (including cheaters and hackers) attracts to admins, just to provoke or try to raid/f*ck them up. This will to 99% drag you into a war you havent caused (if its a hacker you may lose your stuff, but the hacker will probably get a permaban).