Is this game worth the buy?

I’m thinking about buying this game for myself for Christmas, is it worth the buy or should I wait until it is further developed.

Yes. I would buy it straight away!. It might have bugs and such but the devs get straight to the problem and fix it. I bought it last week and haven’t been off it since.

Thanks :smiley:

I would say its worth 5 times the buy…

I would say you have to choose if its worth or not.Take a look on some Youtube Vids and else.
Its your turn :wink:


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I have, but sometimes they can be deceptive.

It all depends. As long as you are prepared to play a game with a ton of potential but is currently broken in several ways, you will be fine.

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Gratz, and yea, I’ve put up with alpha stuff before. What in your opinion makes it broken?

It’s just not really finished, so much stuff needs to be added. It’s quite quick to get anything in the game at the moment… It’s so fun screaming on voip attacking people as a naked person though. The zombies are a pain in the ass at the moment… It’s just got alot to come.

The learning curve is steep and the first few days can be really frustrating but once you get a bit of experience it becomes very rewarding.

It’s also quite nice to be playing a game as it develops as you appreciate the mechanics and gameplay more.

Buy it!

the melee combat, AI can get kinda screwy, doors floating off their hinges and into the sky, poorly optimized, take your pick. All will likely be fixed, but it can get pretty broken at times, they are working on it though!

paid $45 bucks for it off the auction, now it goes for $20

I don’t regret paying $45 at all, so it’s pretty worth it

That’s nothing, I paid $60 :v:

If you know what an alpha is, buy it !
Got it for 15€, and i spent 310 hours on it… It worth it.

The game in its current state is NOT for the average gamer. The game design is rough and extremely hardcore; if you don’t have thick skin you will likely uninstall it within an hour. Otherwise, it is surprisingly solid for alpha software. I’ve logged 40 hours and have yet to find a single bug, crash, or disconnect.

Well, I paid 45 bucks at the Dutch Auctions, so yea…it’s easily worth 20 bucks. Buy it…play it…love it. And when you have a problem in the game, there is always a way to fix that problem.

all great feedback guys, thank you.

This game is addicting as hell. However, I have talked to a few players who was not impressed with the game as I was.

I would recommend purchasing the game.

No. I’m looking for where to get a refund. Either I find it here or raise a formal complaint via steam and trading standards.

You can’t get refunded from a Steam purchase. Did you not read the agreement when purchasing? No? Then it is your own god damned fault. Screw off.

OP this guy is just upset, don’t bother. If you want to give the game a shot this early in development I promise you will get frustrated, but it is actually quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it.