Is this gamemode too much to ask for?


There’s a gamemode called Vein that’s pretty strict on survival but doesn’t require you to do massive amounts of RP. It’s still being developed but is in a playable stage and can be fun by yourself or with friends.

  1. You’re requesting someone to code you a gamemode for free…
  2. This is your first post here (Welcome btw :D)
  3. This isn’t a “little thing”, and you’re better off learning lua than just saying you “don’t feel like learning it”. You have a coding background, it should be easy for you to jump into.

Open the gmod workshop and search zmod. Good npc zombie survival.

First off, I never asked for a gamemode from scratch, second, I was aiming for suggestions, Thanks on the third one, but I don’t have enough time to learn lua. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

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You’re aware that I said singleplayer…right? It’s just a content pack. Not a gamemode, Not a map, so I can’t even be restricted to the game…

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That’s not a gamemode…

Yeah, it really is… what are you looking at? I hosted it just a few weeks ago.

Well, all I saw was blank pages.