Is this going to work

Im trying to make my own stuff since no one answers my requests,so I want to know if this will work.

Mainly,I’m trying to get a Zombie Panic! Source playermodel to work in Garry’s Mod because Model Manipulator can’t do the trick.

if ( SERVER ) then
player_manager.AddValidModel( "Eugene", "models/survivors/survivor1/survivor1.mdl" );

AddCSLuaFile( 'assassin.lua' ) ;

list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", "Eugene", "models/survivors/survivor1/survivor1.mdl" );

What do I add?
What do I remove? Need some help here.

I’m testing this to see if it will work.


It didn’t work,testing with addon format.

Arent you supposed to have an “end” in the end of this? You have an ‘if’.

Remove the end after the AddCSLuaFile and make one at the end of that code.

Script works fine in addon format but if I leave it at lua/autorun it doesn’t work.

Model is shitty and doesn’t work.
Atleast I have an base for whenever I wanna have a playermodel.