"Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?"



"It’s a bughunt"

Holy shit, those green things look like a tent I used to have when I was very young.
"It ain’t a bughunt, its a kiddyhunt" :ohdear:

Green things?

Yes, the green alien egg things in the second pic.

Oh the eggs. Someone hasn’t been watching Alien enough :eng101:

You were camping in an alien egg?

The facehugger probably kicked him out and he had to sleep outside.

No…he IS a Facehugger!

Well, any crits on the pic?

Doesn’t that guy look a lot like me?

To be honest, I really don’t think the picture captured Aliens feeling at all.

Nice try though.

the black guy? oh yeah, totally.

he looks like he takes it from the guy on the far left every night too, or gives it, either or.

Yeah, so did I. I just don’t have the right maps. Could anyone suggest a good map?

Other than the super lame dialogue that made me feel like I was watching CSI Miami… posing is stiff and lack of any form of editing makes me blah.

Lol, the guy on the left couldn’t care less…

Needs more VP-70.