Is this good for 45 minutes of work? - Cinematic in-game test

In 45 minutes I took as good camera angels (cinematography, Scenography) and turned it into a cinematic video which shows you how good Garry’s mod actully can look like.
Tried my best, please give me criticism :v:


This was based on the Black Hawk Down movie, here I was trying teh HAT4 animation tool and special FX.
Made in 1h.
Please take a look:

The angles were good overall, but the physics (man flying backwards, car being launched into a barrel roll) aren’t perfect.

I liked it.

The car thing was animated with the HAT tool, I should have used the physgun instead but that would have been difficult for the camera movement and the speed

Inception Music?
Come onnnnnnnnnn

omg, Inception music? c’mooooon!

Dude it’s Hans Florian Zimmer one of the greatest music composer of all time, on the top 100 geniuses.
I don’t give a shit about Inception, this song is emetionaly strong and fits perfectly for cinematicism :smile:

And besides, the Inception music has been awarded several times, almost much as the Pirates of the Caribbean OST.

why’d you disable ratings?

Because as I’ve noticed since lurking around on this section is that everyone’s videos allways get thumbs-down, so instead that people can’t enjoy this sort of ‘art’ so called cinematicism, they won’t have the pleasure

THAT only took you 45 minutes?

jesus man thats kickin’ rad

I am currently working a video that’s probably going to be 10-15 minutes.
I am using CGI on it.

  • Cinema 4D r13
  • Adobe After Effects CS5
  • Adobe Premiere PRO

worked on it for a half year now, so difficult, I am building gm_bigcity into an apocalyptic theme.
Over 400 debris props. No colide, freeze, no colide, freeze … all the fucking time.

Nocolliding and freezing manually is a pain in the ass, use this addon:

It includes Physgun Build Mode. When it’s on, every prop you touch with your physgun will be nocollided to all and when you let go, the prop will automatically freeze in place. It also restricts the movement of the prop while you’re moving it with your physgun, unless you turn it manually by pressing e.


My eyes shed a tear… That was epic. Needs more likes!

Brilliant work.

Nice. Not shabby for 45 minutes.

Hell, I couldn’t make anything near that in 45 hours.

awesome, I tought this video wasn’t that good but your guys have now convinced me it was good.

Thank you :smile:

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And now when you guys have been so kind to me, here’s how I made these smooth camera movements.

Combine these 2 things:
Basic Matrix Mod v2



Use the ‘Relax mode’ and increase the camera smoothement to max.
After that put on the ‘Basic Matrix Mod v2’ (be sure to have sv_cheats 1 on).

Now your camera is so smooth, that you can follow ANY event on the map without re-doing anything.
That’s why I got those cool camera angles on the last scenes without spending to much time.

clever, thought you used source recorded to get that slow mo effect.

I run everything on a 2000 bucks laptop :wink:

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Instead of making a new thread I have updated the OP, please take a look.

Laptop? What’s the specs, it was as if you had used a nice PC

Intel Core i7 - 2670QM 2.2 GHz
RAM 8gb
1000 HDR harddrive
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M 3gb

Huge fans and you can open the laptop and put in new rigs, the laptop is HUGE weight so much.
Asus laptop :slight_smile: