Is this good?

I bought HL2 and Gmod,but both won’t run.

HL2 minimum graphics card is DirectX 8.1 level Graphics Card,so is Gmod’s.

My PC has a Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express as it says on the steam client. Should I get a new one or is this good?

You have poor components.

Garrysmod requires a lot of RAM in order to function properly and I doubt DirectX 8.1 is going to provide you with the power to run both games.

Time to get a new PC I think.

Also lower the graphics, that helps A LOT, I only have 3 gigs of ram, it doesn’t take that much :3

my wallet just shed a tear.Is there anyway I can replace the card?

I can recommend some graphics cards, but to be honest I think a new computer is for the best. Long-run wise. Your computer should retire.

Intel graphics suck. If you want a awesome FPS rate, I reccomend a Studio XPS. I have 8 gigs of ram and a Radeon HD 5750 ;).

Thanks for the advice guys

Don’t buy a prebuilt if you want to play garrysmod, you are better off custom building one, but if you are incapable, get someone else to do it for you.