Is this guy a scammer?

Is this guy a scammer? I’ve read a number of threads about him before?

what about this then?

its pretty obvious that hes a scammer

Nope this guy is legit

It’s sad he makes ‘‘money’’ editing a shit map.

This guy added me on Steam a while back, he seemed overly friendly and didn’t have any reason to add me other then he wanted to be my friend. Although he does have a decent reputation on his CoderHire account he is by no means a coder.

Oh my god, if that’s how he maps and thinks maps work then it’s a real surprise that he actually compiled that downtown edit.

You miss the point. It’s easy to decompile a map and recompile it, it just runs like shit afterwards.

roqj is a shitty mapper who copy/pastes shit together. he’s scammed people in the past.

If you really want the map that bad, although I **highly **advise against it, you can decompile it yourself.

depends which decompiler you use, the one i have (i forget what its called) can decompile maps and preserve most of their performance

Bspsrc is ok, it fucks with area portals which is why it’s bad on rp maps usually. It’s ok if you delete all the area portals and remake them from scratch. (Although still not that recommended)

If you fall for this it’s only entirely your own fault