Is this guy cheating?

No. There is no real ‘snap’ and, considering how many times he missed when trying to kill the second guy. (Or, It’s a really bad hack)

I’m not quite sure what the question is referring to. What part of this video appears to be cheating?

Look at when he shoots, it looks like he is nospreading (his view shakes rapidly, per frame basis).

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Look at the second kill, that’s where it appears the most.


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Nope, after he shoots the second guy and misses the first time, you can clearly see a spread of bullet holes on the wall behind him.

Thats nospread
Why is he using nospread with a shotgun

Only one of the bullets will be predicted (so there will be spread)

Now that you mention it, I stopped the video exactly when he shoots the first guy and the blood is clearly overlapping at the same exact spot.

I’m not sure whether nospread totally removes all spread, or whether it just lessens it. Since I don’t know the exact spread of a shotgun without cheats by comparison, I have no idea whether he’s cheating or not.

It obviously has spread, but I don’t know if it’s considerably less than that specific server’s default CSS shotgun spread.

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if nospread only predicts one of the bullet tracers, how do you even prove that someone is cheating? why would someone use it alongside a shotgun if a shotgun has spread to ensure they hit a target?

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It just doesn’t seem to make sense that he’s using a cheat with a shotgun, especially when it seems he got the kills legitimately. The shaking could just be adrenaline, when I play a shooter, my mouse hand shakes bad if I’m scared of dying.

Only one of the bullets would be a perfect hit on.

It may or may not be nospread that makes him shake, sometimes I shake too but he only shakes exactly when he needs to shoot. Still this might not be proof, however if you notice in the 3rd shot 2nd guy not only he snaps to the target in a weird way, he keeps snapped even tough he and the target are moving, and while snapped he is shaking.

I think it’s definitely an aimbot.

My aim jerks like that all the time. Looks fine to me.

There’s no evidence that he’s cheating other than erratic mouse movement which could just be a result of poor aiming skills and adrenaline.

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I accidentally voted yes, so subtract one from the current “yes” poll and add it to “no.”

If that were so, it wouldn’t be on a per frame basis (it would be much slower, not >60 times per second

What if he’s just shaking his mouse? I shoot like that all the time.

Pretty sure he was hacking there.

He IS hacking, what COBRa says is true.

I’m not sure, when I play TTT and am the Traitor. The instant I kill someone I get all shaky and my arm feels like it’s floating and my hand flips my mouse everywhere.

Here’s what nospread looks like for those who don’t know:

I shake right before I shoot in ttt all the time, I have been called out on it before. I don’t think he is hacking, looks a lot like how I play.

Doesn’t look like hacks to me, more like an overly sensitive mouse :\