Is this guy using autohotkey no recoil

Is this guy using autohotkey no recoil - video is here action start on 2:50

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the hacker report thread" - Craptasket))

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Didn’t look, answer is still the same: who cares? If he is cheating, he will be banned. If he is exploiting he will not, but he unethical player. Problem solved.

Yes he has no recoil but it doesnt rlly matter got to learn to deal with anything shy of aimbot in this game.

you don’t need autohotkey to counter recoil

you can actually train yourself against it

also vac will never ban for external shit like anti-recoil, its impossible.

how is this guy cheating? just pull on your mouse down a bit every time you shoot(with a semi high sensitivity) = legit no recoil script.

Kids these days… you just got outplayed. Deal with it.

No offense but no , he didn’t get outplayed. I want you to watch how when he rapid fires it how it doesn’t bounce . The gun has a slight kick , but no actual recoil. To confirm this I watched serveral of his other videos… watching him shoot an M4 had me laughing. The dude is blatant if you know what to look for. He hacks and gets banned on almost every server I’ve played with him on f.y.i.

Its impossible to keep your recoil absolutely perfect every shot.
There will always be some inconsistencies.
The guy in the video has none of these, he is cheating.

or maybe he’s just better than you?

yes he does and you have no clue.

so you got the shit kicked out of you fairly and now you’re angry about it

cool, what do you want us to do about it?

Play in slow motion, he has obvious kick on his P250 that fling it upwards, he isn’t cheating


Love how he acting like he is so good when he is cheating.

Should get off your high horse once in a while.

Who is that?

I watched that vid and I’m not jumping on the band waggon calling that guy hacker. Most kills seemed legit.

I really found this a Whining thread because the OP is so bad at aim that he needs to get shit on people.

Understand that the cheat doesnt disable the kick animation its just the gun doesnt actually move. He is clearly shooting a laser and thats cheating. Not to mention theres no sway at all. It doesnt matter though because to enjoy this game you have to deal with that and attempt to out position/think your cheating target.

Sykesy plays on our war server, I’ve seen him play, and he is still welcome on our server. That is, I don’t believe he hacks.

I think you really ought to spend about 10 minutes with the p250 and really understand it’s mechanics in this game.

I am not going to laugh at your judgment, or make you take mine. What I do propose, seriously, is that you do spend some time with the gun, try different things and understand it’s mechanics in Rust. I want to note a few things:

  1. The p250 in Rust has a ridiculous firing rate; more than any game I’ve played. It fires nearly as fast as the fucking duelies in CSS and CSGO!
  2. There is very little sway for handguns in Rust while moving. Yes, there will definitely be some unpredictable horizontal kick when firing. But the sway while moving is near non-existent, compared to, say, the Bolt Action Rifle, which has ridiculous sway.
  3. The vertical recoil is indeed quite high, but there is a caveat. If you leave your mouse still looking perpendicular to the ground, by the time you finish your clip, you’re basically staring at the sky. But, if you just pull your mouse downward slowly and fire shots in rapid succession, the spread will be very minimal.

I really urge you to try it for yourself and make your own judgments. I pulled a player aside for a quick minute who kept complaining about me. I asked him to fire his M4 at a tree, and it was clear his spread and control were quite good, so I knew it was just a matter of him not understanding the mechanics of the p250. After I showed him these few things for a quick 2 minutes, he understood and knew what to do with it.

Just sayin. Rest is up to you.

This guy is the worst shot I have seen in a while if he is using no recoil I think that would just make him even with everyone else lol.