Is this hacking?


My one friend got banned for by the admins on a server for “hacking”

Here is the link:

Here is the guy’s post that uploaded the video:
“As reference: See the speed hack at 1:11 to 1:14 where you can see in the background someone moving way faster than normal. (ensure full youtube quality to see them)
Second offense is at 1:45 and onwards.”

It clearly is not a hack and is lag?

What is your opinion?

Link to the Thread:

No that is not hacking, That is clearly a lag spike no way he could have picked up a shotgun and still toggle his speedhack that fast! THIS IS NOT A HACK this is lag

That is a blatant lag spike, lol

Obviously it’s a lag.

Just an obvious lagspike.

Australia #1 admin

PewPewMan, you interested in recording together?:smiley:

I didnt record it though :). But thanks for the response, friends got unbanned

people are so quick to call hacks lol