Is this how anyone feel about darkrp 2016??

half life 2 deathmatch roleplay servers.

when you started playing garrysmod Roleplay servers <3

a few years later when garrysmod Roleplay servers reach its “peak…”

Is this supposed to be satire?

you honestly like vape nation / lamborgini cars / spider man / helicopters / rpg in dark rp? its nothing close to when it was brand new

Don’t play on shit servers? :v:

There are still goods server left, but since they are public, there is no 100% clean of minge, but don’t worry they will be banned soon if the staff is good :slight_smile:

gmod died when the new serverlist came, its absolut shit right now compared to when it was semi-new. And the fact that none of you want to admit that shows even how bad it is. Only good server ive played right now is Dayz server by shendow, he actually bans people

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Are you not tired of having to go through so many 10 year old admin servers before finding a mehh good server?

you know what, you are right. Im not even sure if it satire or not, the game is supposed to be this way and it is the best it can be and i was wrong, it will never get any better than it is today.

I think you’re getting way too worked up about this.

Either make a server, or stop playing DarkRP. It’s not the only game mode of the whole game.

Chronet? :v:
Simple actually ban a lot of people too

the fact that almost 80% of all my friends that used to play gmod 24/7 stopped playing gmod really made me wonder what made them stop, i guess all good things must come to an end ;(

It honestly is the only DarkRP server that I go on and can actually enjoy with no OP Premium rubbish and equal balances