Is this idea possible?

Hey i’ve been using gmod to build things in sandbox mode for years, but i’ve never done much with game modes or servers. I have a really good idea (at least to me) for an open world sandbox server for just me and a couple close friends and im wondering if it is a plausible idea. Heres tge questions i have:
How many props can a server realistically support at one time?
Can you have it so only one person can spawn props, but everyone can use those props?
Does adv duplicator 2 work just as well?
Can you have it so props never delete even if every person is logged off the server, but every dupe gets deleted as soon as the owner logs off?

iv seen some servers with 300+ props at one time with no lag at all (and that is probably WAY under shooting it
You can have only one person be able to spawn props and then have no prop protection (this will allow others to mess with everyone’s props i think

unknown about adv dup 2

you can turn off cleanup on leave i believe. im not sure if that is a gmod setting or a darkrp setting…?

dependency upon the owner’s presence is stupid; it is only fun for the owner

a build-based gamemode allowing duplication AND wanting to have longterm prop existence at high stability/excessive amount is impractical

you could have instead a game that lets players persistently spawn props, but only interact with one at a time; one physics item per player

all players could make up to, say, 100 props, but all but one are frozen at any time (the last thing they interact with can be unfrozen and the others remain immobile)

once some practical prop limit of frozen items has been met in the server, the items that have had the longest time since they were interacted with could disappear to make way for new items

it would be a gamemode based on town construction

Thank you kulcris, 300 props should work for what i have in mind. I imagine adv dupe 2 would work the same on a server as it does in a local game but just curious if anyone else has had experience with it. It sounds like my idea will at least mostly work.
Has anyone used xenonservers to host anything similar to this?

if it is a private server that you would be using only with friends (like op stated) then a 10 slot server from xenon should work fine for you (i personally HATE xenon and would never use them again but for a private server it should be fine)

What is the # of slots anyway? Is that max number of players?

At least from my understanding it is. However, i don’t realistically see 300 props at any given time on the server with a lot of people on as well unless you have some sort of system that doesn’t allow all but a few props to be moved at any given moment otherwise your server would most likely just shit itself

No. I have 50 people on my server at the moment and 363 props are spawned. 40% cpu usage. You can have tons of props no problem, just disable prop on prop collisions.

Exactly this, it is not the props themselves that tend to cause lag. Lag usually occurs when a large amount of props are colliding. As long as you don’t have people colliding props a 300 prop limit should work perfectly fine especially since it is a private server and you won’t have to worry about people intentionally trying to crash the server.

Thanks for the input, most of the props wont be moving most of the time, theres basically going to be props spread all around the map and players have to go find them and build things from them, and once they build something they just duplicate it and delete it leaving room for more props and the player can spawn/un spawn their contraptions whenever they want.