Is this legal an if so please could someone do it for me

Is it legal for someone to give me Counter Strike source without the executable file ?

All I want is to have addons that work e.g. Youtube player and the sweps and the models :frowning:

Not legal.

Ah okay
Just wanted to know thanks for your answer… this would mean I would hav to buy CSS of Steam now wouoldn’t it :confused:

Still I can’t wait to play it though xD

Really cheap man, get it asap

Ha ha ha lol xD
I’m a tipical student… trying to get by in life without having to pay lol,
but still I will pay for CSS.

Seriously, isn’t it just five dollars this weekend, anyway?

I would expect any “tipical student” to be able to spell typical correctly.

Yes, it’s 75% off for this weekend.

Lower your expectations for students then lol.