Is this legal to host your own server ?

Title sums it up.

Is it legal to host your own server ? (Not using a server provider)

I know that Oxide dont have their files public yet…

I dont want to have any troubles.


currently the file servers are only distributed to verified server hosts and are private. Just as most of the mods are.

Thank you Snapster!

Hopefully rust server files are released sooner or later, i’m getting sick of these GSP’s that rent servers out and don’t provide DDoS mitigation. They end up booting their customers out or changing the server ip. We then have to start back from square one.

If i had the server files i could host off one of my DDoS protected servers -_-

Wow i take the time to type something out that says the same thing,and no thanks…wtf.

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Is it legal to host on your own computer Rust server if you are not leaking files anywhere? (It’s pretty easy to get server files if you know how and i’m not talking about that old torrent files). Just asking, i’m not doing that, i’m just curious.

I tried it once and the polices fined me 50$

You can’t do that without downloading files you have no right to access right now.

oh lol I didn’t see your post, im sorry hahaha
I went back on the thread and all I saw was that big picture from the FAQ on website.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The solution is to utilize the tools with you

Aka steam, I’ve made a steam group and I invite each player that joins – this allows easy announcements to all the people who’ve been on my server, and it’s easy to post if the server IP has changed – I also backup all my server data so if I ever need to swap providers nobody will lose their things :slight_smile: