Is this legal?

Hey guys,
Reading around about how tight it is to get keys, I asked a friend who hosts rust, wondering how to set up my own dedi-hosted server. He said this (In gyazo screenshot)
Seeing that this guy has a cracked hosting key for his company, I was wondering if this is legal to do so, if it is, I will get one.

So revolt is now selling “reseller keys” ? Garry cmon stop this madness with pirate server providers. It’s bad for both legit GSP’s and players.

PS: No its not legit,legal etc.

A Revolt account has already been permabanned from here. They were not given the password from garry, they supposedly received it from someone who got it from someone who got it from garry that didn’t want it, by way of buying out Revolt from its previous owners.

Don’t do business with them, they’re not authorized by Facepunch in any way and garry won’t consider them authorized until the server files are publicly available for GSPs (a la Gmod, anyone can be a hoster).

It really depends on what the laws in your country are, though If you want to host a rust server you should either go with a legit host or wait until they release the server files imo.

As a rule if thumb, if you see ‘pirate’ or ‘resale’ anywhere, it’s probably not legal.

Ok, how do I report them to someone? I saw the other post saying that he got a cracked key from the previous owner.

Ahh good ol’ Revolt…

I am not sure where you can report this kind of stuff but I can recommend staying away from anything with the Revolt brand.

I’m pretty sure garry already knows about this jerkoff, and this thread will probably make its way to him one way or another.

If I were garry, I’d change the SteamCMD password and redistribute it to the current list after confirming they’re still the ones they should be (coughcoughRevolt’s friend of a friend of a friend).

WHAT?! They’re SELLING the key now?!

I knew that Artur Minacov was an asshole right from the start but this is a new low.

Revolt Strike again? that entire thread had me in stitches! maybe they’ll come back for a further argument

Could someone link me what they put on here please? It looks interesting to read!

Here is the thread. It’s quite a read, if I do say so myself.

So I am playing him along here


He can know read Mr Newmann’s Mind

How can he even put these sentences together?

“We are a Non-Official host. The key, again, is authorized and legit.”

I have tweeted Mr Newman on twitter, this revolt guy is stupid, giving me essays on why customer satisfaction is being better than an authorised host.

I said this a lot in the other thread but his customer service and happy customers aren’t going to mean shit when/if the key gets changed and he can no longer offer servers to all of the “happy customers” who paid for one.

I just asked this Revolt guy it.

this guy sub-revolt is a complete gimp.

I’ve Tweeted Gary about him “selling” the key