Is This Model Any Good?

This is my first real model in 3ds max 2010. I made it in about 5 hours. It’s a model of my desk and computer. It’s not textured yet or even finished yet. Is it good?

if that’s for source, then yeah, that’s alright. the hardest part of modeling is uv mapping and texturing, though.

EDIT: although in the future you think about what you’re doing with your polys, you should try making circular objects more so and use less on things like that trim at the bottom. save that for a bumpmap.

Why do you have a floppy disk and a paper on the floor?

because things like that get on my floor.

model is nice, but lol who uses floppy disks anymore xD

It’s good.


They make great porn storage.

Yeah. It’s a little odd since the desk is quite detailed but the speakers & floppies are low poly.

You should rotate the second speaker so they don’t look like they are duplicated

But thumb drives work even better and AREN’T completely outdated!

Nostalgia :colbert:

Nostalgia can be unpractical, but hell, who doesn’t love it.

i still use floppies sometimes when i feel like opening old projects
everyting goes on my 16gb flash drive nowadays
my father has lots of the 5 inch floppies AND A COPY OF FLIGHT SIMULATOR II ON A WORKING COMMIDORE 64

I wish I had a 5’ Drive but i cant find one that’s not in beige. :<

paint it

its what my grandma does with all her technology :slight_smile:

Lolwut? Why?

Drawer handles are good.

because she paints everything chairs, walls, appliances she just likes customization she normally paints a floral pattern or birds lots of art in my family. my grandma specalises in paint, my aunt specalises in clay and glass, i specalise in charcoal and computer modeling :slight_smile: