Is this Mossman?

Hello i was just wondering, it’s this misteryous woman in Half Life 1 ( i was just reminding good times ) She is this “Coach” when you train, she wears an Hazard suit to ( you must know who i am talking about ) Is she suppous to be Mossman =Þ?

Maybe, or some other person

but that’s NOT what this section is FOR!

That’s Giana. Or hoever you spell it.

It’s Dr. Gina Cross, a completely unrelated Half-Life character.

Giana? Who’s that exactly?

the female gordon, she’s a tard




and combine her with gordon you get: HB_Talon’s gordon model

That’s who.


Okay…Just read about this Gina, is there an special game just about her, or is an Mod for Half Life 1 a game with her, i just don’t understand about this Half Life Decay?

Half life Decay is the COOP mode for the PS2 version of Half life. Conversion project anyone? :slight_smile:

Yeah, i hate his gordon. Gordon has thick brown hair, not so thin. Kathar did a good job though.

It’s amazing how they have so much detailed information for someone used in two minutes of training or completely otherwise background-less teamplay.

Nice section putting

ok… i know exactly who they all are…
I played through half-life decay for the ps2, and pretty much it’s you and another female. You both turn on the generator thing for Dr. Freeman, and it blows up, as you hear scientists screaming “no Gordan get out of there!”

Then aliens pop up and you play through half life, except you somewhat following freeman’s steps.

I remember that freeman ties up into the plot every once and a while.

It may be Mossman.
I remember in half life 2, how Alyx is complaining about how Mossman says that “it should have been her in the test chamber that day.”
as in… its very plausible that Mossman is in half life, but you may not see her.

You spelt Gordon wrong.