Is this normal for a Garrysmod server?

We’ve been having random crashes on our server lately and I was wondering if this looked normal. Its the graph opened using net_graph.
This is a server with 32 player slots, and it was full at the time this was taken.

I’ve also noticed that the choke is at about 50, and im not sure if its supposed to be there.

Are you using a leaked version of harbor rp or what

No, I am not. Is this relevant?


If you bought the gamemode, as it looks like the harbor rp gamemode; Just contact the developer. Which I believe is craphead

It’s not craphead, and the actual developer of it isn’t sure to what the cause is either.
All i’m wondering is if the netgraph looked normal.

No, it’s not normal

Ok, thank you. What are some common causes for this to happen? Too many props?

If you look at your graph you’ll see that red is “entities”. Delete a lot of props/entities/ect.

Those are about the main things that lag a server.

I’ve also noticed that it’s usually in random intervals. It could also be a possibilty that it happens when a player moves a prop that has other props welded to it.

Have a password on your server sometime. Just make sure you’re the only player on your server.

Then you should see if you’re still lagging/the server is getting affected as much.

Note - this could also be the map.