"Is this not the purest you've ever seen?"


Holy crap that’s well done.

“You damn punk kids”

That’s really awesome.

Only complaint is that the middle guy seems kind of… drowsy, not quite sure how to describe it.

Otherwise, it looks great!

blue magic

I thought that was Lynch for a second, then I saw the meth.

Haha. That’s great.

Kick ass work. The dof is a bit strong is all.

Is that Francis?!


hand clipping through shirt tho

Oh my god.

I want to watch Breaking Bad again

You’re putting that hack to good use I see

Good work on this.

rev up those sex poses




Sorry, but his head seems a bit big for his body.

Wow, I never thought Francis would be perfect for that guy from Breaking Bad.
Haven’t watched it don’t be mad :<