Is this okay? need approval.

Played yesterday on Frankfurt 1 and got sniped out of a rock. I went to the rock and found the one that asshat did build in.
Here comes my question: I noticed he didnt build an cupboard to protect himself is it okay to raid those who glitch or will i also face a bann if i glitch in and raid them.

Really would like to get an offcial information about this.

Just to be on the safe side, you’re better off not glitching in yourself. If you happen to be caught by the administrators, it can cause a pretty awkward situation.
Blocking him in would be a better idea, maybe.

Probably it isn’t allowed. To make him struggle with it: build him in and build a cupboard so he can’t go any further. And even better: place a sign that says: "Rock glitcher + “his name”. Maybe some administrator can kick him as they did with cptfacepunch.

Placed a cupboard already, but i think im gonna make a Sign with his steamlink so he cant change his identity :))

Definetly not gonna go in even if id like to get his stuff.

grief him like a boss.

farming would right now gonna wall his shit of.