Is this PC good enough?

I have no experience, but I’m building a PC for my friend since his old one can’t play rust well @ 1080p

CPU : AMD FX-8320
GPU : AMD r9 270x

Will this be good enough for medium-high settings @1080p. He also uses it for photoshop + lightroom, so I thought FX-8320 would be good for this.

Budget is £500 GBP

It should be plenty fine but the game is not optimized yet so even super high-end machines sometimes have problems running the game.

Also, there’s a megathread for this. Please read the rules sticky.

mi specs:
-CPU: Intel core duo i3 3.4 ghz
-GPU: AMD R7 260X Over-clocked edition
-RAM: 4G.

It’s enough to run 60 fps on “Fantastic”.

looks good enough to me.

Sorry, I should have read the rules. I just made an account to ask as I have never played Rust

Thanks for the help.