Is this "PHX3" legit?

Is it? I’m extracting it to my addons right now.

Seems to be, but you should get the SVN version

Wait so should I get this instead of PHX2?

Meh, I don’t know how to use this SVN jibberish. I do it manually.

I just get tiled,XQM,and PHX2 there you go PHX3

PHX 2 is only PHX

PHX3 is PHX2, XQM, Primitive mechanics, Tiled.

and if you do install that one, you’ll have an old version in about 1 week or maybe even 2 days.remind that PHX3 is an addons that constantly grow.

Check the date of that download. It is older than phx final. Also: Phx3 is not just PHX2, XQM, Primitive mechanics and Tiled, there is a huge amount of new models you do not find in the seperate packs. Including roller coaster models and a lot of other stuff. Phx3 svn is at revision 112 at the moment

Uhhh, PHX3 is an svn. I don’t think you should download that.

Yeah it looks…suspicous

No one has been given the permission to upload a separate version of PHX3 anywhere. Many people have had complaints that any PHX3 on has missing models and textures, along with other problems. The only official version that is worth downloading is from the SVN.

Also, you can learn to use SVN from, it’s in the “How to download wiremod.”

get the SVN.

Honestly, how hard do you think using SVN is?
Step 1. Download TortoiseSVN
Step 2. Name a folder phx3 in addons
Step 3. Right click and hit SVN Checkout and put the link given in the PHX2 thread for SVN
Step 4. Let it download


That is not ph3 that is the frod download it is phx2.

That’s how to use SVN?

I’ve never tried.

Not even close… :downs:

get svn!

Do not download anything called PHX3 from, its probably not authorized, and my friend got a trojan :(. Just get SVN its actually really easy.

So far from the truth. PHX 3’s content is so much more up-to-date, it laughs in the faces of the standalone releases.

Is Dib cheating?