Is this Player a confirmed Cheater?

I recently played together with a guy. He received a Game Developer Ban and claims that he did not cheat and only got banned because of a whole clan reporting him.
Now I wonder whats true. We got along quite well but I definitly dont want to play with someone who is using cheats. Is it possible to get confirmation about wether he got banned for failproof dectection of cheats or due to massive amount of reports (if that is even possible)?

This is his steamprofile:

Thank you so much in advance and best regards,

Not sure if they’ll say about someone else’s account, but the fact that its the only game on his account is a red flag to start with. Secondly, bans aren’t simply issued just because someone is reported by a whole load of people. There was a single thread a few weeks ago where some guy got an abnormal amount of reports in a short space and there was an issue with the system that led to him being banned, but after posting here he was promptly unbanned.

So yes, its extremely likely he was cheating, otherwise he would have been able to have his ban undone.

Sadly people get away with this excuse a lot, because its really hard to believe someone you know/play with is cheating, especially when they swear to you that they weren’t. I have been it all too often, even the kind of people who would come here and laugh at people being banned for cheating believing their friend saying they got banned from a game for accidentally having cheat engine open in the background or something.

Thanks for your reply Cushie. I know it may be hope against the odds. Still if there is a chance to get to know with 100% security I would be very happy since I do not want to abandon him as long there is a little doubt.

His fresh account screams hacker on its own.

There are zero game bans based on reporting, they are all based on detection of hacks.

Apparently some hacking / botting forum is telling its members (again) to scream bloody murder because they’re under the mistaken impression that F7 = instaban. They also seem to believe that bans are handed out by name, so for a while they were complaining about “I dun got band becuz sum1 used the saem name plz hlp”.

Never overestimate the intelligence of the cheating community.

I’d moreso say that the hack forum is actually fully aware that it doesn’t work like that, they are just telling people to do that to keep them out of their hair when they get caught.

Ok. Thanks for all your replies. Can anyone refer me to an official developer statement that states that all bans are confirmed via software detection?

Dont get me wrong. Its just hard to believe for me that the guy is acting so well while beeing a stupid hacker :frowning:

Have a read, in this thread eac nago (a developer of eac) clearly states that they ONLY ban from detection of a known hack loaded in rust game memory. Even if 100 people reported him, eac would not ban him unless they found a known hack or suspicious patterns that repeat themselves loaded into his rust game memory. Sorry to say this, but you’re friend is a liar.

Is it believable that he has played 100hrs of Rust in 2wks, but never played any other game on Steam, and happened to accidentally get busted on for hacking?

Totes confirmed.


Thanks that was what I was looking for. Now I am a little sad. But thanks for your help guys!

I’ve a feeling this is his old account (shares the nickname “Lordfailalot”). Last played Rust about two weeks ago, got banned two weeks ago. His new account is two weeks old and only owns Rust, and just got banned. Hmmmm.