Is this posible in LUA?


Together with some friends we’re orientating on buying GMod to create a roleplay community which will be realistic/strict. Before we proceed and purchase GMod I’d like to inquire about posibilities in GMod/LUA. I don’t need entire tutorials now on how to make it since I can search them later, only whether it’s posible.

  • I saw several videos on GMod RP servers where players have the gravity/physics gun with them while they are not an admin or anything else “special”, is it posible to remove as this is pretty unrealistic?

  • On those videos it’s also posible to get a gun easy, in which somebody with the job “gundealer” simply drops a gun on the ground and you can grab it. Is it posible to make it so that guns should be created out of other resources, and that other guns can only be obtained in special ways (like from the police lockers by cops)?

  • I also saw that you can join the police by just using a command ingame and you arrest people by punching them with a baton. Is it posible to script the server on a way that you can appoint 1 person leading the police, and he can only invite other people? And if those people roleplay being a cop, they can tazer and handcuff suspects, bring them to the station and arrest them there, including a custom amount of time to serve in prison? Maybe even confiscate items.

  • If you add weapons and vehicles in a server, can you customize their performance? In example; if I add two different pistols, can I adjust their damage value, reload time, accuracy, etctera? And does it work the same with vehicles (top speed, acceleration, etc)

  • Can you display chat messages in a certain radius? In example, if I would talk in the normal chat, can I turn it into a “local in character” chat which means only people in a radius around me can read what I said?

  • And can people have more than one account in 1 server (under 1 GMod license) and can accounts be saved (so if somebody logs back in, he respawns at his old position with the same items as he had before)

And is it posible to appoint moderators/admins that can ban/kick players from the server and spectate players (so they can see what the player does, but the player won’t notice)?

All of this is perfectly possible.

Thank you for the answer, may I be so cheeky to ask for where I can find;

  • Tutorial on how to make the above
  • A website where I can download different gun and vehicle models

Well there’s no tutorial really. It’s all lua coding.

Also for guns, browse the workshop or you might have luck to find something on

And for vehicles, vehicles in source engien need far more than models. They have a text file called vehicle script. It’s where you can change the top speed and all that stuff.

Aha, but I don’t need a source game to run the vehicle properly, do I?

You need a source engine game to have GMod, so yes.

Some useful websites:

Garry’s Mod 13 forum

Garry’s Mod 12 forum (bigger but partially outdated)

Garry’s Mod Dot Org mainly for models, maps and textures

You can do anything in GMod, the only thing you really need is motivation. Good luck for your project !

Try the hire thread, they will easily get it done for a bit of cash if you can’t do it yourself.