Is this possible in hammer?

I was wondering if keypads, buttons, or screens like this are achievable and how you’d go about doing so.

Here’s a couple of screenshots.

And a video? ( from the Blackmesa modification )

The wire keypads in Gmod are similar I imagine but I think this looks way cool and I’d like to some how impliment it into my future mapping.

You could do it in hammer, with a couple of func_button work, but to have such a nice effect for the buttons would require lua.

I’m thinking custom models with different animated skins?

Is there a tutorial for this?

I had seen something about a vgui screen before but I have no clu what the involves. I also have no idea of how to use lua either.


That could work, though its still not going to look as nice.


So, I’d have to have it trigger textures somehow?
I’d like to be able to mouse over it like in Doom 3 if that’s even possible in HAMMER. Have it look futuristic you know.

That would definitely require Lua. Unless you want to use a tiny brush arrow or something.

Well I found a picture of exactly what I’m trying to accomplish but I’m having a hard time understanding how to go about doing it.

How would I customize it and change the look of the buttons?

:saddowns: custom models and animated textures, if you can

Are you talking about how the signs in the levels of Portal work?

Make a texture of a keypad with the look that you desire. Make a keypad using this tutorial and make the buttons from that keypad invisible and place them in front of their corresponding numbers in front of the texture.

Alright thanks forsure I’ll give it a go. I’ve been inspired by Dead Space and Doom to make something that’s why I was looking into the vgui thing because it looked promising.
Firegod what was the method you were talking about? I’m going to go with a few ideas to see what looks the best. I’ll literally put them in a map together to compare.

They’re just decals which change skin, but you can do that I think as well, animated decals and such.

For the tram, I was thinking about use func_button, and with a little entity work, you can get how many times its been pressed, or looked at, whatever you prefer, and then cap the counter, then do some math to set the acceleration of the tram. But for a vgui screen it needs to be coded.