Is this possible?

Hey, this is my first request. I found these models from Soul Calibur IV on a random forum. And i checked them out on 3D’s max. The models work, it’s just that the textures are strange. They don’t have any color. But is it possible to get these into Garry’s mod?

Characters - 494mb

Stages 317 mb

Weapons 86mb

All objects textured and in OBJ and FBX format ( fbx will have the skeletons included for rigging

According to the guy that got them, he took them off the 360 with some sort of program. And i know the files are big, sorry.

The weapons, yes, those should be doable rather easily, if the textures could be fixed. I think there’s actually someone doing those in the releases section.

Characters might be a bit harder, especially if they aren’t rigged, but it’s still quite possible.

Stages, however, would be much more difficult. Levels in Gmod are made much differently than models. Sure, you could just make a simple level with one prop using the ripped stage as a model, but that would lag like fuck.

I honestly don’t care about the stages. I only want the characters. I got the weapons already.

Had a few people post these already.


People have had a look at the Characters but it would be hard to port them all.

Stages i’m not sure about.