"Is this really belong to me?" -Stupid Soldier is asking of Sergeant in Training Time



The title made me lol and the pic is nice :stuck_out_tongue:
But you misspelled the title, it is “Does this really belong to me” I think, and replace the “of” with an “the” on the second part of the title.
Change it before its too late!

I try to change it but it’s never gonna change

:frowning: Well you tried! and english isnt your first language so its ok :buddy:




“No, it doesn’t belong to you because the German military don’t use it… or the UH60 over there… or the M249 down there. Good question, Sergeant.”

Shiny soldiers are shiny.

Is that a saxophone near that crate and the noob soldier or is it just some gun that’s hard to see?

It’s a ACR/masada

ArmA models.

PM me those awesome models and you’ll be my god. :v:

Very nice scenebuild and editing.

I want those ArmA models.


No it’s a saxophone, soldiers like to play jazz music when they’re bored.

“Shoot that… You want me to shoot that?”
I like the posing on the noob soldier.

Are you going to release those ArmA models publicly?

I would just pick it up and run off.

Their hands look really weird.

Those aren’t his models, those are DDOK’s. He ported/ripped them awhile back.