Is this really Garry? on EU

Yea here was someone i cant believe he is it.




He’s speaking french in the first sentence, with a horrible spelling error
There might be an exploit to set the color of your username and text, they should check that

Garry wouldn’t tell that ofcourse even if it would be him.

In fact yeah, it’s an abuse :

Not real. I think Garry would use capital letters. Thats just what I think.

Sorry this is a troll for my friend :wink:
Im not garry
Good games !

Well,garry nickname in rust is garry , but how all those people that just have bought rust and dont remember the good times when you were barricading with a stack of wooden doors can know it

i expect him to be banned soon if not already :stuck_out_tongue:

how could anyone believe he was garry

it’s obvious you believed, you posted this after all


how could I be so dumb and not realize this

Even if he didn’t believe him, he was still breaking the rules.

Give us a link to the game’s rules. As far as I know, there are no official rules.