Is this something a modeller could help me with?

I’ve tried asking in the coder hiring thread for help with some issues on my TTT server, and have now been directed that my issue is more appropriate for a modeling expert! ^^
This is my thread copied from the coder hiring section:

What I need done
Still trying to get some fixes done with weapons/accessories not appearing in the right place on the character model:

-Dragunov SVU (Traitor weapon)
>Gun shows as coming out of your crotch to other players (
>If you reload while scoped, it goes through the reload animation while locked in scope ( &
>When reloading, the reload sound plays to everyone on the map. (No image as this is a sound issue)

-Dual Elites
>Display model when dropped is not as it should be ( (this looks more appropriate:
>Gun does not display properly to other players (this one may be a bit more difficult, I’m not sure if gmod can be set up to work with Dual Wields) (
>Only 1 gun fires/functions, yet the other gun recoils. We’d like both guns to work, but if that doesn’t work, simply fixing the animation so it switches between which gun is firing would be fine, and we can manipulate the fire rate for the weapon as a whole.

-Barret .50 Cal (pointshop only weapon, though as it is new, we have it randomly spawning for now)
>Gun shows as coming out of your crotch to other players (

>Several of the accessories we added in _Undefined’s point shop are showing up in wrong places no the character model (ie:Glasses floating in front of your face, hats half way through your head)

I’ll be paying the coder out of pocket for the fixes mentioned above, $10 at the start and another $15 once the fixes are taken care of and we’re satisfied. (for a total of $25 for the above fixes) This price is negotiable, but I’m not paying it all up front, sorry. ;p

We DO NOT pay in server staff positions. If it really bugs you, I guess we could give you a custom title more or less equivalent to our donator rank, but The other owner and I aren’t expecting you to stick around and play. ;p


I’ll check back here for replies, but I’d love for somebody to track us down! =)
Keep in mind, as co-owners, we like to be on the same page, so we may be delayed on some things decision wise until we get in touch.

Steam: Millerm753
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Steam: Freakinhobbitzz
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Got somebody on this job~ Looking like we’ll have this all sorted out. =)

A big thanks to The One Free-Man, who was able to resolve my issue in a timely manner!