Is this the right thing for that door?

Is this the right tool, I am parenting it to the func_door_rotating and want to use the colision of the prop_dynamic and not from a invisible brush tool, is hint the right one for that?

This is a test I am doing as you see in the future it won’t be a brick anymore. :slight_smile:

use nodraw, also you don’t need to make the brush the size of the door just the width i.e 4units x 56 units

if you dont want collision on the brush, you should use npcclip.
is that brush the func_door_rotating ? or is it something else

Stop making new threads.

Please go review some video tutorials on the things you want to make. If you’re trying to make a rotating door with a hunt brush you need to learn more first.

Its a button, but I was not sure if hint is the right tool but I’ve fixed it alone, it doesn’t has colision and its invisible.