is this video hacking?

well apparently the admin that banned me from his server still thinks i’m hacking, even after I wasted 30 minutes uploading this video

think im hacking? buddy here says “no recoil!!” after watching the video. le sigh.

no hack at all in my opinion

No the video does not hack, neither does the guy in the video

That doesn’t look like hacking at all lol . They are simply standing still ,anybody can get 10 headshots in a row if you do that but you could hear a child speaking on the mic(the one that killed your friend I think :D) so what can you expect? He died again with a double “impossible” headshot so he yelled “hacks” :suicide:

the non standard screen res helps with hitting the target other than that there is no sign of hacks

Whats the Server Name or IP so we know what server to stay away from.

Lol this game is amazing for how bad people are. “Admin he got a headssot, ban him!” They’re standing still taking turns looting a bag…

What a joke of an admin.

No hacks. Just smart shooting. Admin is a fucking idiot.

Trust Bushiman, he knows from experience. He’s been VAC banned for aimbots multiple times.

No, video is not related to hack, you are not hacker to my opinion.

I think you’re just mad cause you Suck at this game