Is this VPS good enough for hosting?

Hello, I want to host a 32-slot DarkRP server. The one I’m looking at is DreamHost. Are these specs good enough for what I want?

I can help you can you give me your skype or steam? :slight_smile:

My Steam is on my profile, artix1416.

I looked for that and i found no user named “artix1416”

Try Reverse.

There are a lot of reverses xDD

add me

Depends what you’ll be putting on it and what Server it is.
I’d say 1gb RAM is good for 20 slots.

it’s really hard to tell from that info alone, and I don’t really know the place - they actually say they’re managed VPSes so I don’t even know if you’d be able to run a game server from them, if you’re looking for a managed/easy solution consider just going with a GSP like NFO, but if you really want a VPS, and you’re good with linux, the single core VPS offering from NFO will easily hold a single gmod server & is very well priced (8 bucks), the NFO VPSes are the best performing ones I’ve seen for gmod yet, though they say they use the single core plans to squeeze into other machines, it still tends to be just fine

try for hosting your gmod server, good cpu and 2GB RAM for 3.00€

Servers are in France but have a very low latency.

U can upgrade your vps when u want and without restart ( add a cpu core, more RAM, u can ask for 1 GB swap for free )

1GB of RAM is a little low for server hosting, you’d never go past 2GB though.

Don’t buy that, Im 100% sure they are shared.