Is this worth it?

I’m sorry if i post this in the wrong section but i can’t find the rules to the forum :S


I found this great offer for a Server at this website.
I think i might get the Extreme Plan and host a Garry’s mod server. What difficulties will i experience when the server is running on Ubuntu? With 5 Mbps Upload Speed will i be able to host a 40 person 20 prop per person limit DarkRP server?(Don’t comment on DarkRP please)

Thanks for your answers

You need wine with your ubuntu which is still not quite stable.
it should perform relatively well though.
5Mbps might be enough for 40 people. I’m not too sure though as I’ve never really had to calculate the speeds and it depends greatly how the users are interacting. Choosing the map is also a big bandwidth saver/consumer and I’m not talking about the size of the map’s download which does contribute to the costs too.

There might still be a catch, I couldn’t find the speed of the CPU. And the ram is quite low. I wouldn’t really try my dollars (if I had any) on that.