Is this worth redoing?

I had to stop doing this due to technical problems, should I redo and finish with higher quality?
MMM is currently down, and so is out modding group.


Made it goes directly to the video D:

Yes its rly good for a start if you re did it all you need is a better map and models and your set.

Thanks, I’ll get on it. I was thinking quality and length was the problem, but yeah, that was the gist of it.

Ya, fill that inner room with abuncha cool stuff, opening that door should be somewhat climactic, and when ya see that the inner room is totally empty, it’s kinda disappointing.

I love the camera work though, it’s smooth and believable, none of that typical source recorder BS that people like to put out. Reminds me of like, a silent hill cutscene xD

Glad someone noticed the camera work. I never finished because I had lots of problems. My old comp crashed and all the files basically were lost. I have actually been assigned to do something, but I can’t wait to post this in here when I redo my old work :smiley: thanks for the confidence boost, Viocious713!