Is toybox in servers available?

Hey everybody, quick question: Is toybox on gmod servers available?

If so, how do I enable it?

If not, will it be released in the near future, or will it be singleplayer only forever?



Just found a locked thread asking for the same thing:

it will be released soon

Hellz yeah. Hopefuy with the ability to disable certain ones (aka spam boxes,mingeblok, ect.) also mebe the ability to make certain ones admin onleh?


But yes. I’m very exited for ToyBox in servers. Finally I can smack people with the can gun!

oh my god spam boxes and mingeblok abuse coming up

Are you serious? I thought Garry said it wasn’t coming to multiplayer.

I am working on one.


You can get it here:

How about no. People will be spamming Chairs (Chair Manipulator), Predator Missles, and Valkryle Rockets.

Maybe Garryman (G-Man) will make it admins only.

It’s admin only.

That’s pretty awesome.

Wait, is that actually connected to the real ToyBox site?

I think so!


Yes, it retrieves the most popular entities and lists them.

Oh, awesome! My friends and I have been wanting to do this forever now.

Misspelling one word and complete illiteracy are different. :frog:

What i’m guessing is that they will be admin only, and I dunno if garry said it will be available to multiplayer

I don’t care if it’s admin only, I have my own server :v:

If it’s admin only, I’m fine with that. In fact, I’d want that.

Exactly, because we don’t want mingebags abusing it.