Is TTT Open Source?

I was wondering If I could use some of the weapons from TTT in my gamemode without getting in trouble?

While you could i would suggest you didn’t simple because it uses a custom base specifically for ttt. Instead you could look at the code and use it for reference. (i think)

Well badkings base uses the default weapon_base included with gmod with a few edits tossed in. I am using the default weapon_base from gmod and wanted to steal the a few SWEPs from TTT like the knife. Is this highly frowned upon?

Don’t copy paste it, but instead see how it works and code your own, the knife isn’t really special though.

David don’t be an ass kthxbye

In my opinion I would say it’s only frowned upon if you call yourself the author of the SWEP and base if that’s what you plan on doing.

If you just want to use, lets say the ironsight code, there’s nothing wrong with copy and pasting it since it’s the only way I see that you can script it.

My name isn’t the author in the file. Also the knife was my example I really wanted to use the grenades because those are somewhat complex, at least for me.

A simple ses or no would be much more appreciated rather than some rude remark.