IS ULX terrible or am i terrible at ULX?

Ok, so the problem is admins can ban superadmins SteamID’s, so i was like, “ok then, i guess there is a way to blacklist steam ids from being banned”. And sure, i see a ‘Restrict steam id’s’ section, so im like, "ok if i put my steamID here then they cant ban it, BUT NO.

The ‘Restrict steam ID’ section is a WHITELIST! Why would there be a WHITELIST!? Why would you want to be able to ONLY ban CERTAIN SteamID’s, instead of NOT ban certain Steamid’s, this completely blows my mind, how can i stop admins from banning superadmins SteamID’s?

Get better admins that you can trust, you can easily demote the admin and unban yourself if thats so hard…

Well i have like 30-40 admins at a time and the chances of one either accidentally or deliberately banning me is too great, either way, this doesnt explain why the hell that it would be a whitelist and not a blacklist? 0.o

I may be wrong, but what you want is immunity. Example

ulx groupallow admin "ulx ban" "!%superadmin"

Would stop admins using the ban command on superadmins, some more examples here,4314.30.html

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If banid still ignores immunity though (haven’t used ULX in ages), maybe just don’t give regular admins access to it, only let them use regular bans

pretty hacky solution but you could add
[lua]if steamid == “yoursteamid” then return end[/lua]
in the banid function located at addons\ulx\lua\ulx\modules\sh\util.lua, this will just make nothing happen if they try to ban you.

This can also be done through the xgui menu (!menu or !xgui) in the groups tab.
Manage Groups -> Choose group -> Bottom field (Forgot the name, it’s either !%something or *) -> type !%superadmin

banid ignores access for some reason, an admin can ban superadmins via id. His access tags are probably set correctly, if you read his post he’s trying to stop admins from banning supers via ID.

BanID ignores access, and i really dont want to hardcode an override because if i update ULX i might overrite it.

I’m pretty sure you can edit it through the XGUI, just go into the admin group in manage groups and click on it, you’ll be able to edit their permissions.

Easiest solution is remove admin access to the banid command. Next easiest solution is to remove some admins (Holy fuck, 40 admins? Why?). You could also hardcode and use git properly, and manage your merges. Next solution is convince someone to do a pull request for the ULX git.