Is (was) P.T. possible to be ripped from?

May be a dumb thread topic, but does anyone think it would be (would have been) possible to extract the model data from P.T.?

I never coughed up the money to buy a PS4, went with buying a day one edition XB1 from a friend due to it being cheaper, so I never had the chance to try for myself when it was still available.

I remember PS3s would let you copy stuff to a flash drive then put it onto the computer. Figured it might be the same with the PS4?

not yet

What would you want to rip from it though? All you could really get are just random household objects, there aren’t really any visible “characters” in PT.

I was more so curious bout the Reedus (visible in the mirror) and Lisa models for studying.

I really enjoy studying the way texture and topology work look in all the different games that I enjoy. Being able to manually zoom in on a model or texture to fully appreciate the amount of detail put in, it really proves inspirational in my opinion.

I know that feeling.

I was also really impressed how in MGSV, the lips of characters were separated from the face model.

I’d personally be interested in random household objects from P.T. v:v:v

I would like to see someone rip Norman Reedus’s model, as well as Lisa’s. We’ve already ripped from Ground Zeroes, and PT also ran on the FOX Engine, so this should be possible, right?
If you can put game data on a flash drive or whatever, I have PT installed, maybe I could help contribute.

yeah i was about to say, the Norman Reedus character model is in the P.T. Demo, you can see him in the mirror, even his face on 1 later when you’re running if you position it right, only other models that are in that i remember is Lisa and the fetus/baby in the sink. i’m keeping that Demo on my PS4 forever lol

And like AeonCastle said, the household items do have a pretty good look to them.

Even the roach models seemed so well done.

  • I guess the first step is someone needs to find out if we can get it to a flash drive. If not, then there’s a roadblock right there. Though I’m sure eventually there’d be a way. I mean, the data is still there somewhere. O_o

It’s possible to get the install PKG for the demo, it’s just figuring out how to read and extract the files from it that’s the problem. PS4 PKG files are different from PS3s iirc.

Well, I believe in this forum. I’m going to try and see what a search on PS4 PKG files come up with.

P.T. had too much going for it to go out without a legacy. Sure that legacy isn’t a full game, but imagine it living on in mods. Imagine playing MGSV with Norman Reedus as Big Boss.

Someone needs to at least backup the files for the game. Not everyone is going to keep the game on their PS4 forever.

Well here is a link to the PKG.
Pretty useless until someone figures out how to extract it though.

I wouldn’t say useless. Pliskin’s right. It needs to at least be backuped and saved somewhere.

I’m downloading the copy right now for safe keeping. At least now I can feel like I’ll be able to contribute as well if I find any info.

If its fox engine its pretty easy like Demonboy said you need to figure out firstly how to unpack the package file

Anyone know anything about ps4unpkg by a person called flatz? I been trying to download it from mediafire, but I suffer the infamous mediafire loop error. Spent the past hour trying to get access to it, felt like it’s been 4 hours.

Never heard of it, but I can try re-uploading it to Mega for you if MediaFire is giving you shit about downloading it.

I just tried it. It extracted some files but not the actual game data from what I can tell.


The images are the largest files. The rest are only a few KB each.

reuploaded the tool here if anyone wants to mess with that

What about that entry_008.bin?

Edit, just seen your reupload. I’ll give it a shot.

Edit again, So do you drag the pkg file over to the exe or what? It seems to just have a blank command prompt pop up, then nothing.

Third edit (this heat is getting to me. Can’t think or read straight), Didn’t even see that you said the other files are only a few KB. I guess that makes entry_008.bin look a lot less promising.

Strong yet reasoned bump: Looks like people finally had some success.