Is your support team just a joke?

It took them over a week to send a reply with

Sorry for the delay

Has your issue been resolved yet?"

So I reply again, and now they just completely ignored me, not only that, I just found out others got the same exact message?

Got the exact same thing. Two weeks and still no reply?

Facepunch has a support team?

Looks not fully developed/for GMod only.

It’s not for GMOD only, if you go into the ‘contact us’ tab and go to the product drop down box, it will have Rust listed in there.

So what’s your problem?

If it’s payment/account-login related, do not post sensitive info in this forum. I’m sure you’re smart enough not to, but I’m saying it just to make sure.

It’s not about payment/account issues, it’s issues I’m having with the game itself, and I’ve noticed some others having the problem and just needed some insight on what I could do, I’ve posted already about it but nobody seems to know anything, so I asked support, but I guess they can’t be bothered.

I’m surprised there is even a support for a game this early in development. Also surprised anyone would want it, considering everyone should expect a less than ideal gaming experience at this stage.

Be happy if the damn thing even started on your machine. They will probably fix whatever issue you are having during the other 90% of development.

ive been part of an alpha where it wouldnt even load on my computer. Just waited til they fixed the issue. On topic of the post though, you could try the steam forums for any solutions to your problem. Its not facepunch but i have found information over there that is not over here