ISA And MMC Astronaut Models

I am in love with the game Shattered Horizon, which is a space combat game between the ISA(International Space Agency) and MMC(Moon Mining Cooperative) and features free moving combat, and I believe these would serve for some kick ass poses.

The story is that 40 years from now, the ISA was doing some research of the cosmos when the MMC accidentally blew up the moon, creating an impregnable asteroid field. Now, they are both cut off from Earth and the ISA is pretty angry and attacking the MMC not only for revenge, but for supplies. Can’t live out there forever on nothing. So now it is a constant battle between the two until they find a way back, or there aren’t any left.

The suits come in the same shape, but different colors and paint designs consisting of a team colored helmet, flamed helmet, or foghat grey helmet with two styles of visors, team colored and grey with different patterned suits. The ISA is blue, while the MMC is yellow.

Here are some screenshots:


A Back View

A Blue Helmet
A Advertising Design

A Side View

Foghat grey helmet with grey visor

Blue Flames with blue visor



Notice the left astronaut’s helmet is plain yellow with yellow visor, the middle has a flame and grey visor, and the right sports fog hat grey with a yellow visor.




And Just For Fun:

A Quick Edit By Me

I think this would be an interesting project, but my skills consist of graphic arts, I lack modeling, porting, and rigging skills to see my idea become a reality.

I too believe that CSS needs more cosmonauts.

At first when I saw ISA i thought

Those guys look like a bunch of Star Wars rejects.

This would be great for space poses or even player models, anyone gonna take this project?

Also port the gun please

I love Shattered Horizon as well, but it seems no one bothers on astronaut skins

This would be nice for Space RolePlay servers where you add Life support for air, and space kills you. We can have this player model/model or perhaps an NPC to help us actually get a good looking atronaut model.

Heck, these are good. I would have preferred more modern spacesuits, but this definitely works.

Speaking of which, I haven’t played MW2, but are there any other astronauts besides you?

No. The astronaut sequence lasts a little under a minute, and nothing really happens other than a giant explosion. However, you can HEAR other space station crewmembers talking, but its not clear if they are in or out of the station.

Hell I wish Someone would do this

Okay, Just by seeing those screenshots, I already know how cool this game must be :3

Someone Please do ports