Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

We all know about Dead Space for the most part. I know someone took in the project or got close anyway of modeling necromorphs and a possible Isaac. However I think it’s due time that we have our Isaac Clarke and some possible necromorphs for comics.

well, someone’s turning him into a TF2 hat

I will marry who did that.

Wow, Isaac’s put on some weight…

Somebody did an Isaac ragdoll already, but I think it was a private model and I can’t remember who has it.

They should release it to everyone…

Didn’t Madman port him?

I think that was the private model.

It should be released, or someone should do a very high-res model of the level 3 or 4 suit.

Level 3 =
Level 4 =

Personally I think the level 3 looks more iconic and “easier” to create from scratch.

What about the Marine suit instead? We can make Issac pose to be a marine. And if they’re good enough, we can pose them as UGM marines.

Yeah but for comic making ideas the iconic look is best ^^. The military suit isn’t anything that you start out with, only after you beat the game. However, the military suit would also be great to go along with. I just really want my damn Issac, it’s been a year since the game has come out and we’ve only had weapons thus far.

There was a thread that was last posted 2 weeks ago, I bumped it to keep it alive for abit more. Lillwasa made some Necromorphs :D. Only Dead Space ragdolls in G-Mod :(.

I want my limbs, corpses, body bags, and necros! >:O. Though is Issac REALLY needed?

Issac is a must! I just looked at the models, they look damn nice too! They look so close! All we need now is Issac and I’ll be as happy as ever.

I guess so… god if only someone made atleast corpse models and necros. That would complete me.
There would be machinimas, poses, scary shock pictures. Man, sick shit bro. Sick shit.

Well atleast someone sees where I’m coming from. I got something lined up with these models…Something big (:

Well, Lillwasa released one Necromorph in his pack. It was a “Pregnant”.

He should release the slashers and the others too

Nexus Elite ported Isaac and he got perma banned so he’s propably not gonna release it

7 days

Why would he get banned for that?