Isaac Clarke passing through overrun checkpoint.

This is I think my best work I’ve done, I am quite proud of this one. Please let me know what you think and if you see anything that I could improve on.

This certainly is the best work you’ve done yet. Glad to see you improving man.

I like it alot, Great job mate.

Thanks guys, would you believe me if I told you I made this in 25 minutes?

I like the camera angle.

It looks like isacc is a little bit bent or something or posed awkwardly

Angles are something I know people are picky about so I tried to one that didn’t completely focus on Isaac yet just enough to still show a scene.

Yeah, his right leg was giving me a hard time so I just tried my best to cover it from the ankle down.

If you knew who he was you would jump from a building.

If you want to make a pose and you are still an amateur then stand up and pose at a mirror.
Good effort though, i can see you are imroving your posing and it takes you less time than you used to(1-3 hours holy shit).

The longest time it has ever taken me for a picture was 45 minutes. Yes I still am an amateur I joined last year.

Dont rush a picture dude take as long as you need to get it right :v:

Well at least I’m learning. :slight_smile:

That is exactly Isaac Clarke’s posture. So get over it.