Isaac freaking the fuck out

Don’t worry Issac can defeat the Reapers just fine.

Lighting is so real! I’m pretty confused by the guy on the background though…
Also, is this model private or something? Cause I’ve seen it in several pictures, but not on gorg or release section

Its on, just search engineering suit.

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I just beated DS2 on higher difficult 10 mins ago and now come to see this…
Nightmare never end.

Ah yes. “The Reapers”…"

Holy shit, is that Nicole in the screen in the background? O__O
Nice work!

Something’s definitely wrong with the guy in the background’s arms.

Don’t fear the Reapers, Isaac.

Awww, you killed Shepard, Isaac.

Looks like: aoo i got something in my eye!

Lighting feels too warm an fuzzy for a scary experiance.

“File not found”

Dammit, some faggot reported it.

It’ll probably end up there again.

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Like right here: