Isaac struggling with a Necromorph in some kind of prison

Boring shit

It looks like they’re dancing

I know, I gave up after 1 hour of posing.

First thing I thought.

yaehr they arenst struggling a ta ll!


No thanks.
Any tips on how to improve this kinda pose or whats wrong with it?

Isaac’s hips seem to be swaying. Try to push them in some and have one of the ragdolls be pushing down with more force on the other.

he looks like he’s thrustin’

Hmm yeah thats probably why they look like they are dancing, the posing doesnt really show that there is any force or power involved at all.

his legs should be spread a little wider apart and one foot placed further behind the other as a brace against the force of the necromorph trying to push through him

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i will note that when a person is attempting to restrain the arms of someone struggling in front of him he usually does not twist and bend his wrists so that palms face outward

‘‘Bitches be crazy!’’

his elbows should be further bent because currently it doesn’t look like the necromorph is attacking with ANY force

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oh thank god you were perma’d

It’s a miracle.

Anyway, I really like the picture. I mean, it could have been a little better, but still, nice job.