Isabella from dead rising

hey I was hoping someone could port or maybe already had Isabella Keyes from Dead rising. Mario was doing him before but I dont think he left a link to download it before he left.

I do remember mario having done it, but he only gave it to a few people.
Just like that whole Travis Touchdown bitchoff a few days ago that ended up with him being banned.

Is there any other? or does someone want to share it with us?

No idea.
Hope someone who has it sees this thread and shares.

yeah I guess i’ll just try and bother people by keeping this thread towards the top of the list.

sooo, anyone have it?

You will have to ask Mariokart64n for Isabella.

didnt he leave facepunch for good?

He didn’t leave so much as get kicked out.

so I guess I couldnt really ask him for it.

I really doubt he would even give it to you, knowing him though. Considering he would look at you as a “leecher” or naming you one.

so did he give it to anyone who would be willing to upload it then?


anyone know a possible way I could get it?

I’m pretty sure you’re shit out of luck.

I guess so, maybe I can just hope for someone to port her from dead rising 2 when it comes