Isla Nublar: The forsaken Lab

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Fantastic scenebuild from an amazing book. Well done, mask.

wait, wait, wait … there’s a book with that title!?
goddamnit!! if i would’ve knew this i had chosen
another title … but anyways. thank you!

i nominate TheMask for Best In-Game Editor 2009-2012 And Forever Onwards

No, Isla Nublar was from the movie Jurassic park, which in turn was based on the book of the same name.

This is gonna be my new wallpaper, have a winner!

aaah … K!

Rad as FUCK.

oh my gosh this is just perfect

Wow amazing job there Mask. Always get exited when I see you made a new thread.
Thumbs up.

I nominate him too! It always blows my mind that this is always in game.

The amount of detail here is mind blowing. I can’t believe you posed all of this.
Is there no stopping you Mask?

Dein Gesund sieht gut aus :smiley:

kalixx1 and Karimatrix had a child, that child is clearly you.

img is broke for me :confused:

good thing he didn’t inherit the “hidden sex pose” gene

Wow, this is fantastic.

the link is fine. check your browser.
try this then:

You’re rapidly becoming the king of scenebuilds, this one is fantastic

To me that’s more like, too bad he didn’t.