Island mapping help

Hi everyone,

I have recently been using hammer map editor through half life 2 bin files. I have only been doing it for a few days but I feel fairly confident in what I have learnt so far and am learning fairly quickly. I was intending to make a map for Garry’s Mod Dark RP. I was wanting to make a island, which I can make a basic square with a triangular sloping beach using the cutting tool and that’s about it.

In general I was hoping for some support in how to make a realistic circular island with detailed textures for the beach.

I haven’t been able to find a good guide on YouTube to help so if anyone can send a link to one, make your own or even just write a text guide in the comments ,it would be gratefully appreciated

thanks for reading :smile:

You’ll want to use displacements for that.

thanks, I’ll look into it. As I said I’m kind of a noob at hammer :smile: