hey, i have a question

isnt it cool if there are 2 or 3 small islands in the ocean, where u can go to by boat.

so u have to craft a boat from wood and metal, and than u can sail to the island?

maybe its stupid but i thought it would be cool.

i got another question/comment about the hatchet and pickaxe, maybe its more realistic if the hatchet gets 2 to 5 wood when choppin a tree, instead of the pickaxe.

cus the pickaxe gets much sulfer and metal. but if u use a hatchet on a tree wouldn’t it be realistic if u get more wood with a hatchet than with a pickaxe.

just asking

(sorry for my bad grammar)

kindly regards Storm

Can a Dev maybe look at the hatchet idea etc, cus alot of people want the idea of the hatchet and pickaxe TY!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s cool, if we will have 2 island with a boat.

boats in general would be cool
and fishing as a means of food :slight_smile:

thats a great idea nate, i love it !

sounds awesome i whould love that to happan… just imagine out on the ocean fishing with your friends then sudenly a hostile ship comes… i whould dig it!

or if u dont watch out, a shark :), the idea is really cool and all the things u guys add = even more cool!!

i would be the pirate of the sea!! rrrr

yes indeed xd, i like all the ideas guys :slight_smile:

OMG yes, this wood add people making docks and what not haha

In that case ill take a Lake in my compound so i dont have to RUN all the way to the coast just to fish. Dont worry to all you PETA Lovers, I will only fish for aquatic life and youll be glad to know i would never routinely ripp and tear the legs, heads, and shells off live lobsters and leave them in bins to writhe in agony until they died. Workers will also documented ripping off the top shells of conscious and countless crabs with sharp spikes before violently rubbing off the animals’ internal organs with a rapidly spinning, stiff-bristled brush that we can craft from wood.


We really need to get smartness back

Boats would be pretty neat. I love it when games let you travel on the waters.

Maybe boats could options up for fishing, if nothing else?

cloak what do u mean by: We really need to get smartness back.

do u mean my poll etc is stupid?

Having 2 ‘big’ islands near each other connected by a bridge would be nice, with some small islands added around these two big islands which are only accessible through boat.

I think that’s the best combination to be found, as this one will add a bridge, add some versatility to the island and also add small islands only reachable through boats or planes.

ohh man planes whould be cool aswell. like very rusty plane that the motores stops working sometimes and you have to get them runing again… that whould be intense… (sorry for my bad english)

i really like the idea of planes, only i think they will be to op. TROLLS just craft ehm and fly into peeps … so yeah …

just need to make them hard to craft…

but still trolls will be trollin with it and just do jihad with the plane :\

so let them