Isn't any one getting this graphics glitch.

This is like the 4th or 5th time I got this. It’s some kind of graphics glitch. :frowning: Is anyone else getting it.

More info would be nice.

Is it only on that map? If so, what map is it?
When did this start occurring for you? Was it after an update?
Is it possible this is some sort of graphics card related error? For that matter, are your drivers up to date? (Hey, it never hurts to ask)

Well, this is on RP_EvoCity2_v2P and it will do this on any other map to.
My driver is up to date and it happened before and after the updates.

dam i get that alot of times

I don’t know if it’s the updates fault or just a glitch no one knows about.

I got this once after spawning faulty tf2 stuff. The only thing I can reccomend is re-installing Gmod, but sometimes even then it doesn’t work.

I think I got my problem fixed. A addon was causing it.

Never mind, I’m still getting it.

I’m getting this problem too. It seems to randomly come up after spawning sumthin but never the same thing twice. 2 of the times I remember spawning a rolmine or dog. It just came the last time after I installed about 15 addons.

The problem is that u can’t try to cause it to find the possible source.

My guesses to the cause are: UWSVN, addons that show errors on map startup, (uwsvn does come with wire touchplate which has errors, addons that are nor installed in addons folder, etc. These are just ideas but I’ll look into it.

Note the 1st time I got this WAS on evocity. Could certain maps cause this?

Yes, it will happen on other maps too. I got it about 2 to 3 hours ago on gm_construct. This will happen on any map for G-Mod.


This might be evidence that G-Mod is haunted

It should be a glitched addon. I just saw this a couple hours ago in the lua forums.

It isn’t from a addon. Its from some models you spawn

Happens to me all the time, change your texture level to anything and it fixes, it can even be higher.

My texture level is as high as it can be.
Which is Very High

i don’t really know why that’s happening all i have to say is HI ZOMBIE 101

I got this glich yesterday in my own server.

Just restart or start new game.

Then change it to any other setting and it fixes. :eng101:

I think I got this fixed. :smile: